I'm attempting to setup an OES2SP1 Linux server in order to migrate from a large Netware server. I intend to use NSS on a data partition, but not on any system partition.

From what I've read, it's normal to not use EVMS on a boot partition, however most of the Novell documentation on this subject seems to focus on exactly what I'm trying not to do and not on what I am.

I also am using a SAN and wish to connect to two ISCSI targets of 2TB and 1TB. I have made the ISCSI connection and the drives show up as sdb1 and sdc1. However, the fstab shows the mounts of these ISCSI drives using disk-by-id.

My questions are:

1. With regard to fstab changes, am I correct to replace the /dev/disk-by-id/ by /dev/evms/lvm2/disk-by-id/ for these two mounts?

2. The documentation says to "update the boot scripts". Which boot scripts??? Where do I put the evms_activate command?

3. Are there any other modifications I need to make to allow evms to manage these two targets?