Hi all,
Have already opened a ticket with Novell on this one as i've never seen it before...

Have upgraded a site to ZFD7 SP1 IR2 using the iso's from the Novell site, so it's a full upgrade install, everything went perfectly on the server, consoleone snapins upgraded fine and all

however, if I try and create a user package with consoleone from the server, it hangs and never completes and I end up with packages with no rights for any users, so i'm unable to edit, delete or do anything with them

also tried using a workstation with IR4 snapins which gives the same result, using a spare consoleone with earlier zfd7 snapins I can create packages with no issues

Anyone run into this before and will we be able to get rid of these objects from the tree?

And are the IR4 snapins not compatable with IR2?