Hi Guys,

We are mid rollout, moving users from a 10.1.3 zone, over to our new zone that was running 10.2.
10.2 had broken patch management for us, so when 10.2.1 came out we applied that and now patch management is working again...we had the horrible DNS issue which we have now patched against (what a bug to miss Novell) but now i've noticed something else, its only a little problem but it is annoying. Whenever we move a workstation over to the new zone, its carries all its error logs over with it, and the zenworks agent version number you see in ZCC always reads as the version it was when it moved (ie 10.1.3). If you click on the link all of the agent features say the old version, but on the actual workstation the agent looks fine.

I can clear the messages down, but I can't correct the Zenworks Agent Version.

The workstations I imported before 10.2.1 seem to be fine, and now I have baselined 10.2.1, they have updated and report the correct version, but anything since has all the old data in ZCC.

I've got about 1000 remote machines left to do, so I'd prefer not to have to remove the agent from all of them.

I know its not a major thing, but just wondered if you guys had any ideas.