I'm not sure what to do for the best here, so I'm hoping someone a little
more up to speed can help me out...

Our GroupWise mail server (needs to be up 24/7 ideally) is an HP ML370 G4.
It has a Smart Array 6400 controller. It runs NetWare 6.5 Sp7.

Since it was built, It has had disk space added to it without a rebuild I
guess. So, there were 5 x 72.8GB U320 SCSI disks in the server, and SCSI
Array A was 2 x RAID 5 logical drives of 138919 MB each.

Having inherited another server (fully working, no reason to doubt it's
disks, apart from the age!) with the same disks, and needing a little more
free space on the MAIL server, I inserted another 72.8GB disk into the
servers 6th and final disk slot. The disk was detected fine. So I then went
to expand the SCSI Array A, added the new disk, which it then added to the
array. It started its normal EXPANDING process...

After about 20 mins, ie. the Expanding process WAS NOT complete, the new
disk I added said it failed!

Because this disk failed during the array expansion, am I in trouble? Can I
remove the failed disk now and still continue with a working server? Can I
take that disk out, and put in another 72.8GB disk, and will it continue its

I might add, that I've added disks to our HP servers so many times before,
and never had a disk fail during the expansion of the array.

Where does this leave me? Can someone with experience of HP servers, arrays,
and Netware please advise?

Many Thanks