I am currently trying to configure my GroupWise server to use an external LDAP server for authentication.

Iíve followed the directions located in the GroupWise 8.0 Admin guide with no success. Also, Iíve been playing around with the .poa file to get the LDAP functionality working.

Every time I launch the GroupWise server the log file shows:
LDAP Authentication: Disabled
The log file doesnít show any error concerning why the LDAP authentication is disabled. It would seem that it doesnít even try to contact the server.

As a double check, Iíll try to log on using the GroupWise Web client and no matter what, it will only accept my eDirectory password.

Iím looking for any suggestions that could help. My apologies if I've posted this in the wrong area.

Netware 6.5 SP8
GroupWise Ė GroupWise 8.0 SP1 (8.0.1)
LDAP Ė OpenDS version 2.0

.poa config options used:
/ldapuser-"cn=r*****,ou=Connector Group,dc=development,dc=local"