When I image a device that is already in my zone with an image where I did a
zac fsg -d before doing the .ZMG. When the device reboot, it's like it's
not registered to the zone anymore. If I try to register the imaged device
back to the zone, I have the -28 error message:
Code:-28, message: InternalDataModel exception while trying to create/update
device: PCB01218
com.novell.exception.ConstrainViolationException: could not update:
[com.novell.zenworks.datamodel.objects.devices.Devi ce#GUID]
To be able to register the device to my zone, I have to delete the device in
ZCC then register the device back to the zone.
It's quite bad because I loose all relations to that device (groups,
bundles, etc.) and I have to reassocited them manually.
Before 10.2.1. I didn't have to register the device back to the zone. The
device was refreshing itself automatically.
Thanks for help.