I just installed a fresh NW65 SP8/BM3.9 server and I am trying to get it configured like the older BM3.7 server it is to replace. I have bordermanager installed w/ 3 cache volumes, a log volume and all that in my tree under a new leaf - all per Craig's book and various things I have read on here.

I am trying to get the access rules like my old server but I am running into weird problems. While using Imanager 2.7.2 I go into Bordermanager, Access Rules, Effective rules and all I have is the default deny all and then one I added to allow all access. That was working, then I started recreating an access rule that blocks certain websites during business hours (myspace.com, true.com, ebay.com, etc.. etc). It never seemed to work doing it throught Imanager (selecting the BM server object). I eneded up just trying to do some through NWADMN32 for the heck of it - I got some in there and it appeared to work fine. Now, I entered a large list (in NWadmin) and it seems the proxy just stops working. If I look in Imanager the only rule is allow all. I have a two fold question:
1. It is my understanding that Imanager and NWadmin work differently - or better stated that Nwadmin is no longer supposed to work for this and I am supposed to use only Imanager. Why did it seem to work with Nwadmin and not with Imanager and, should I just not enter any in Nwadmin and keep trying to get Imanager working?
2. Is there a way, once you have an access rule defined -as in my case with 50 or more websites, to disable a single ACL without deleting the whole rule for testing purposes (so you don't have to go and enter all the websites again)?