I've been looking at my NSS volume on NetWare (if memory serves, there's no more block suballocation with NSS on NW 6.5.7--it happened earlier that it was removed I think).


I've got one volume that has specific data types on it. Lots of small files. As a result, my "size" and "size on disk" are terrible.

(like size on disk is at least 4x larger than "size")

So I'm wondering:

Since NTFS (according to MS website) uses 4kb clusters,

What FS on OES2 SP1 Linux would provide me the same benefit or better for MILLIONS of small files in LOTS of directories/subdirs)?

Seems that NSS would not be the best choice.

What about EXT3 (but then I remember something about 5,000 files/folders thing, but not sure if that counts subdirs).

Reiser - no go?

I think I can only NCP enable EXT3, right? (vs. say some "odd" FS like a SLES equivalent of say, ZFS or something?)

So one directory may contain thousands of subdirs which may contain thousands of more subdirs and files. To the count of millions of files.