Hi all,

We have a MSI AO that has an MST.
We installed this on a test machine and all was fine.
We then uninstalled it (add/remove progs).

We modified the MST (we crated an MST that added two files - we removed one of the files and save the MST).

We re-ran the AO from NAL.
Both files are installed again! - this shouldn't be the case as the MST only says to install one file now.

Just to confuse matters, if I try to install on another PC, the install works fine - just the one correct file is isntalled via the MST, and the file we removed is nowhere to be found, just like we want it.

Why does it use the "previous version" of the MST on the other computer? Has it cached it somewhere locally on that PC? I have cleared out %temp%, windows\temp, and even looked for the msi and mst in the windows\installer folder but couldn't find it (the short name that it uses according to the log file - i.w. 89553b.msi/mst).

Any suggestions why this is happening? It's a little frustrating, but I have a concern that if we modify a MST in the future it wont take effect if a major upgrade on the MSI is performed.