I ran the 10.2.1 update on my system at the beginning of September and my workstations have been slowly receiving the update ever since. I'm down to my last 3 workstations which are laptops that are rarely attached to my network (or turned on for that matter), so I've had to hunt them down and run the updates manually. It seems that no matter what I try, I can't get one of the laptops to update. It is under my Configuration->System Updates->Deploying System Updates-> Pending link. I've refreshed the workstation from both the workstation and server side. If I launch the ZENUpdateWatcher, it is not seeing an update. I've tried to manually download and install the update from http://server/zenworks-setup and it tells me that the Adaptive Agent already exists on the device. Is there anything that I can do to force the update to check and update the system? I'd really like to avoid uninstalling the current agent as I found that I usually have to install both the Adaptive agent and Novell client and reinstall them both otherwise it changes my login prompt from the Novell client to a Windows login. Thanks!