We've done two servers with the updated migration utilities released a few weeks ago.

In both cases, the ID transfer appears to break nss.

More details:

When you install/setup the OES2 server, you give it a temp name: temp-server.
It creates a temp-serveradmin userid and you CAN successfully create NSS volumes.

After the ID transfer (including migrated files from one NSS volume to another), the previously working nss volume no longer mounts and you cannot administer nss.

I've found two things:

1) the ID transfer does not create a: transferredservernameAdmin user for nss to use. (in other words, if you transferred the id of: HERSHEY, you should see a HERSHEYadmin userid). It doesn't create one. Nor, does it appear to link the "temp-serveradmin" to the new ID of the OES2 server.

2) nss then won't start and you cannot run nssmu.

I have to manually create the nssadmin user account and then manually start nss in order for this to work.

Never had a problem before (and I've done about 10 of these with the "previous" mig tools--other than the stream files issue, but I got a fix for that).