Good Morning,

I am planning a deployment of a new web server running OES2 on SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.2.

I have a testing server setup to play with before I setup the new one.

What I would like to do is have the root directory of " /srv " for the web services to act like a path tab or symbolic link or whatever may be the correct term or configuration, to point to a NSS volume.

Basically, so when I install software to the www directory, or access ftp, they are all on the nss volume, with the possible exception of MySQL data bases, which I would really like on the NSS volume as well.

I have also heard that this may just be an apache setting in one of the conf files.


the other possibility is when building the server, I set the /srv to it's own partion where I was going to place the NSS volume, then setup access to this location like the SYS volume in the Linux file system that is viewable and accessable even though it's within a linux partion.

I hope this is clear enough,

Thank you,