I just realized, after 2 years, that I have been running my GWM server
with the Windows Firewall turned off. I'm totally amazed that I hadn't been
hacked or had issues, but nothing there. However, my problem arises when I
turn on the firewall. I have looked over countless docs, on Novell's site
for GWM, Cool Solutions, Google, and I have opened the all the ports, even
ones I didn't think would matter, in TCP mainly and a couple in UDP.
However, the phones still can't sync to the server.
So, since Novell's documentation again is not there, does anyhow have a
Windows 2003 Server up running the GWM 2.04 version and if so what firewall
settings do you have setup for it? Is there maybe an exe file or something
I need to add as well as the ports? I wouldn't think so, but I'll take
anything at this point.
Thanks for any help.