I see in the forums a lot of questions about content-repo redirection to NSS volumes. I'm trying to put the information together so as to test. But am having the issue where the directories are created but not populated with data.

We are currently running Zenworks 4 across all our sites on Netware 6.5 (yes I know its unsupported, buts so trying to get hardware for Netware 5.1). My plan is at the remote sites to upgrade 65 to OES2SP1 and deploy the ZCM satellite role. With the content-repo folder being linked back to an NSS volume.
Steps taken so far, built and patched OES2SP1 server, attached NSS volumes and migrated data from Netware 65.
Installed satellite role
then performed ln -s for content-repo redirection to NSS
Configured satellite role and set some bundles to replicate.
Bundles folder appears but no data is seen

Now some people advise to create zenworks: zenworks in edir and lum enable.
Is this required before the primary is deployed ? is the primary required to have lum users ?

I see the owner on the satellite server for content-repo as root:root.

I'm new to OES and ZCM any guidance appreciated.