I am upgrading my NetWare servers to NW 6.5sp8. This will update these servers to edirectory

I will also be installing a virtualized NetWare box to run the Engine on. This will be a new installation so it will be NetWare 6.5 sp8 with edirectory 8.8 (then upraded to edirectory 8.8.5).

I have a SLES10sp2 OES2 edirectory 8.8.4 box which will run an Agent. This will be upgraded to edirectory 8.8.5.

Do I need to upgrade edirectory on the NetWare 6.5sp8 servers in order to run a NSM Agent on them.

The reason I ask is my SYS Volumes are only 4GB and about near capacity on these servers. I have heard edirectory 8 will increase the DIB size tremendously. I DO NOT want to run out of space on my SYS volumes!

Soon, when budgets allow, these servers will be replaced with new hardware. Not anytime soon that is.

Thanks for the advice!