I've found the following problem:

When you are using IE (if you want? ;-) as Standard browser, IE does not launch the url in the following case:

- IE 7 or IE 8 as standard browser
- GroupWise Client 8.0.1 (=SP1)
- Open the message by double click; the problem doesn't occur with URL's in the message subject or in body of the message in the quick viewer.
- single click on an URL in the body of the message: IE launched with an empty screen.

* switch back to your message, click next time on the URL: IE launches the page.

a) use FireFox
b) or set 'Extra', 'Options', 'Environment', 'HTML Browser' on 'Microsoft Internet Exporer'
c) or set the registry key :HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Novell\GroupWise\Clien t\Setup\HTML Browser

Have a nice day!