I am looking to install iFolder into our network and have some basic questions for all of you. I am a novell educational customer and do have current licensing for sles and oes, however I am trying to figure out if sles is the best platform for ifolder. As far as I see the most recent version for sles is 3.7.1 whereas ifolder 3.7.2 is available for opensuse builds. I am also unsure as to whether ifolder needs oes installed in tandem. My understanding is that ifolder can just do an ldap connection back to edir on another server. What benefit would I gain from hosting an older version of ifolder on sles (and presumably oes) over running a newer version on opensuse with an ldap connection to edir? Just in the last six months I have finally been moving over edir to linux servers, and it has not come without growing pains. So if it doesn't matter much, I would prefer not to manage another edir server if it does not need it. I have also seen the appliances created by Steven Shaw, is this a viable option for a potentially large ifolder install? Thanks for any help!