This has been frustrating us for a while now...

When attempting download from anywhere on the the internet, using
different client software (browsers or FTP clients etc), BM allows the

connection, and allows the download to start and proceed for a time,
eventually throttles and drops the connection. If you catch it in
restarting the download will resume from where you left off (maybe),
or at
least restart the download.

This is mostly reported by all of us in the Systems department (most
users don't download), even though filter exceptions exist to allow
all IP
traffic, statefully, from all PCs in the Systems area to all
addresses\interfaces. This usually happens while trying to download
files, but occasionally will happen during small downloads as well.

Most frustrating when downloading 150MB service packs or 600 MB iso

I believe this has proven to be a filter issue, because disabling
completely will allow successful downloads, adding an "allow" for all
inbound to the workstation in question will allow successful
downloads, and
adding and "allow" for all IP stateful inbound to the workstation in
question will allow successful downloads. But strangely, an "allow"
all IP
outbound stateful by itself won't work.

We have no proxies running, and since, during any download session,
only one
TCP connection exists, to and from the same IP addresses and ports,
for the
duration of the session, how can this happen? State table problems
perhaps? And if so why has it been happening for months, before and
after a
complete hardware and software upgrade (across the wire migration) of
the BM

Please help. I'm tired of hearing my Linux-guru coworker complaining
how "horrible and buggy BM is, when a Linux box would do the job
better and