since one week we have problems with our Win XP Client PC, after we installed new OES2 SP1 Server in our tree.
This is the scenario:
We have sevaral netware server. Some are netware 6.5 SP7. One is netware 6 SP5. One is OES1 Linux and the new OES2 Linux.
Before the weekend there was one more netware 6 SP5 Server. This server was removed from the tree completely. It had no replica. It was secondary dns. No dhcp service running.
Then we installed the new OES2 SP1 Linux Server with same name and ip address in the tree. Also no dhcp service running. BUT this server hed been installed into ou=servers, o=company.
We have one server (Netware 6.5 SP 7) which is primary dns and the only dhcp server located in o=company.
All other servers are installed in o=company; same was old and removed server.
After installation there showed up a second dns-dhcp locator object and a second dns-dhcp group object in ou=servers, o=company. But there was already one of each in o=company before.
Novell advised us to delete the DNS-DHCP locator object in ou=servers, o=Company. The DNS-DHCP group object we did not delete.

Problems we have since then:
Clients with Netware Client 4.9.1. SP5 on Windows XP are slowing down after an uncertain amount of time. It can take only 30 minutes but also 12 hours.
To get the problem users not even have to login. PC which are rebooted and wait for Ctrl-Alt-Del are also involved in this problem.
Suddenly the XP PC starts waiting upon user initiated actions like clicking on "Sart"-Button or opening an file in an application. It looks like as if for each new thread a process is swaning there is a time-out of exactly 25 seconds (or multiple of 25 seconds if the click starts more than one new threat).
When the PC is in this state, nothing else helps but reboot. Then it's OK for a while.
On the PC we use ZENWorks 7.0.
We also have lots of W2K Client PC without a problem. Before server change XP PC also had no problems.

Have anyone ever had similiar problem?

Any help is welcome.

Thank you