I have some problems with my GW system after an upgrade from 7.02 to GW 8 then to GW 8.1:

1. I receive LDAP login errors when I turn on LDAP. No users can get logged into PO
2. I had to turn off LDAP and now uses can get to mailbox. Also, when LDAP turned on, POP3 login errors occur in GWIA
3. On Windows XP, ctrl+alt+del, (change novell password), changes novell password, but does not change GW password. This proces would change both novell and GW passwords before the GW upgrade
4. Users are3 able to get into GW mailbox with 7.0, 7.02, and 8.0 clients. Some users, GW does not ask for the login/password when GW starts
5. No one can get intot mailboxes thru WEBACC unless
a. I change GW password in ConsoleOne to match Novell password, user can get into mailbox from WEBACC then
6. Cannot send internal SMTP mail. Can telnet to server but when HELO send email, it does not work. Also have an ASP web page that uses SMTP, and it cannot send email thru upgraded GW mail server
7. I also noticed on the PO pages in Console one that some of the reference to the server are WL-GW and the server is actually WL-GW1

I would appreciate any and all help.