I'm having trouble making the integration of GW Client 8 with Teaming!

I've enabled the URL in ConsoleOne and get the folder showing up in GW
Clien8; but I don't see any of the [MyWorkspaces]sub-folders!

1) Are there any ports that need to be opened for the GW Client to
communicate with the Teaming server?

2) Is the URl defined in ConsoleOne from the prespective of the (GW)Server
to (Teaming)Server or from Client to Server?

Example: I have a DNS which is teaming.xyz.com and it resolves to an
internal IP of successfully from Outside/Inside Firewall; I can
login to tTeaming! I have port mapping enabled on the Firewall so that port
80 -->8080 on

I've used teaming.xyz.com in ConsoleOne as well as the LAN IP of
both with port 80 and 8080? None is responding? What am I missing and
which is the correct one to use?