I have BM3.7sp1, NW6sp2, I have HTTP Proxy and DNS Proxy running. I
have an
internal IP addressing of 10.x.x.x,, I have set up DHCP to
out - I am reserving the range of
for static numbering. We had an Internet outage a week or to ago and
since then I haven't been able to POP3, PING, IMAP, using the 10.0.0.x

However if I am on a machine that is getting its settings by DHCP,
they work
fine. I turned off filtering and rules, and I still can't access. I
am not
sure what I did, and I have gone through the BM settings but I can't
seem to
figure out why I can't PING, etc. unless I am on a DHCP workstatation.
can ping internal address and I have even tried pinging from the BM
( with no go. Any suggestions?

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