Hi all,

we've a running app that scans different user accounts via TrustedApp and extracts
different infos. For some users we've strange problems on login stage; i.e. "53507 -
post office not found" or "53505 - user not on post office". You could argue that the
reason is stated in the description, but....

Our app logs in via TrustedApp as user 'user1' to a defined PostOffice
( As this user we're reading the SAB.
Then we iterate through defined users; try to login as that user and read the needed
infos from that account.

That runs quite smooth, but as stated sometimes we can't login because of the above

i.e. when trying to login as user "user23" on we get an error
"53507 - post office not found" - but that's exact the "main" PostOffice we login as
'user1' to read the SAB???!!!

The other "strange" error is the "53505 - user not on post office": we are aware of
the "PO redirection" which comes in response when trying to login a user which
resides on another PO; we do successfully use that redirection, but that info does
also come back as result on users that reside definitely on the given ("main")
PostOffice (!

*Notice: in order to protect the real data of our customer, we've changed the
IP-Adresses an login-names!

Besides these two errors we sometimes get back a "55060 - user database is
temporarily disabled".
What can cause that error in the gw system?

# customer-environment: 7.0.3 HP4