Hello there. I am a new PC tech at my local school district. I'm just starting to delve into the ever so fascinating world of Zenworks and am currently at an unclear understanding. The admin is ready and waiting to push out a setup that includes Windows Active Directory. As I've read and been lead to understand in the forums here Zenworks imaging by default is suppose to save ISD info when it does an image. Most notable is workstation name of course. I have noticed that when imaging off of the server directly this does not occur. However when I've imaged from one PC as a master to any number of others, it does occur. Is there special criteria that must happen for this to work? What I need to be able to do is image and not worry about losing PC name and the SID info, otherwise everytime we image, we will have to clear the SID info on the server and reset it on said computer(s). Any help is greatly appreciated.