Hello all,

I am having some client trust oddities.

Our server setup is as follows:

BM 3.9 SP2
Netware 6.5 SP8

BorderManager servers are in their own OU and partitioned at that OU.

1. I have a workstation that will not see clntrust as working; never lists the server name or requests. The system has the same image that is working on over 400 identical machines but this one will not work. dwntrust and relaunch clntrust and it keeps going to the BM SSL authentication page. I can authenticate through SSL page and it works but it is annoying.

2. I have a Toshiba laptop doing the same thing but this is a one of a kind device back revved from Vista to XP so I am not certain I do not have a driver issue.

I have checked Craig's website and I own all the books. Anybody have any other ideas?

In the past (with our old BM servers running 3.7 on NW 6.0), we could unload proxy and reload proxy and this would fix the issue but since the new BM 3.9 servers have been in place, this has not been an issue until now.

Steve D.