When I look the status of the Primary Server in ZCC it states that it is unable to connect through IP Address or Host Name.

I got this error message every 5 minutes or so in the message log:

The agent failed to bind to the quick task port. The ZENworks server will be unable to contact the agent.

Additional Information: None
Severity:	Error
Date:	September 28, 2009 10:28:54 AM
Acknowledged Date:	None
Source:	/Devices/Servers/zentest.DOMAIN.TLD
Message ID:	ZMD.CouldNotBindToQuickTaskPort
Probable Cause URL:	None
Log ID:	ba3a04214f85de183b10829f62a48ffe
Related Objects:	None

Primary server is a SLES 11 with no AV and no Firewall installed. ZCM version is 10.2.1. The Novell ZENworks Agent is running and I also restart it successfully but it didn't solve my problem.

Anyone have a hint?