I work for a school district with approximately 20 sites. I'm trying
to set
up filter exceptions for a web server and Outlook Web access. Both
the web
server and the Exchange server are behind my NBM 3.6 server.

Our web server is running Win2k and is setup with virtual web pages.
school's website has an IP address on the web server. Example, the
district's web page has the IP address A school's
site has
the IP

On the public side, we have a Class C range. I am using Static and
NAT on NBM. I have entered a public IP address and the correspondingprivate IP address for each school's web site in the static NAT table.
the above example, I have an entry for Public that
points to
private I have added the as a
secondary IP
address and have set Dynamic Pass Through Mode = ON.

I have createdthe filter exceptions for a web server behind NBM. I
setup the Inbound and Outbound traffic for port 80. However, this
allows me access to the main website. I can not access any of the
web sites setup.

Does the web server need to have its default gateway set to the
private IP
address of Bordermanager?

What else do I need to do to get this to work?

Thanks in advance,