One of my sync programs nearly doubled the number of entries in Contacts, making a new entry (Jones, John) for every old one (John Jones). I want to delete all the new entries, but cannot find a way so far.

What is promising is that there are two Advanced properties - - Entry ID and Created - - that have the potential to isolate the new entries. Entry ID appears to be a sequential list (by creation) of contacts and Created is the actual date of creation.

The problem is I can find no way to get to these properties to manipulate them. For example, they do not show up in the columns list, so I can't add them and sort by them.

So my general question is "How can I find, sort, and delete these new entries?"

Specific questions based on what I know now are:

1-Is there someway to make the Advanced properties show up as a column in the Contacts display so I can sort them?

2-Is there some way to do a search so that I can use something like "Entry ID > 35000" and display/delete the records?

Thanks in advance. I have faith I am missing something simple and will be enlightened shortly.