I have upgraded my Backup Exec from 8.x to 9.0 on all my NW 4.11/5.1
(don't shoot me! I'm upgrading to all NW6 next month!).

The media server install and 3 out of 4 remote agent installs worked
fine and are functional.

The one that failed was on my BM 3.5EE server. Get load failure 1006
module NDMDP.NLM not loaded.
Correct entry in BE90 NDMPSVRS.DAT for this server with correct
private IP address (six other secondary IP addresses loaded for NAT).
itself works just fine, NAT, proxy, VPN, etc all good.

No specific Veritas TID on this, I have sent them a tech support
but it looks like the new NDMP agent functionality requires port
I'm *assuming* BM default filters woild prevent communication to thisport even on the private interface (??????). Tried loaded BESTART.NCF
AUTOEXEC.NCF before any BM module loads, no good, filters must apply
before this.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Thomas E. Spafford
Director, IS
Hickok, Inc.