one users device (nokia e90) stopped suddenly syncing anything (no appointments/no mails!)...
...did a reset of the affected user from the /diag-page.
error reported on the system sync status on the /diag-page shows repeatedly:

sion2Responder ErrorResponse 266ms com.sync.util.exceptions.NestedException: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException

some days before because of NestedException-errors i followed "tid 7002167 / GMS server stops syncing."
GMS server stops syncing. 0 52740101
this helped with that user, - but not now with this one...

any ideas!

are there more option to really RESET a user?!
i believe that deleting and recreating a user didn't help in the past, - there seem to stay some user related caching data...


p.s.: we run latest gms3.0.1 on vmware-alized windows (4 gb ram)... e90 has latest firmware!