Recently upgraded from GW703HP to GW801 and also implemented a new GMS 3.01 on Linux, decommissioning an older GMS 2.0x on Windows. After the GW upgrade we started seeing "xx:xx:xx XXX Error streaming atachment [EA01]" in the POA screen (Netware 6.5.8 box). Ive done some searching here in the forums, didnt find much. I did see where the error could be caused by a space in the post office name (which we do have), tho this post office name has been in place since day one when we installed GW 5.1 many years ago. We have not seen this error until now after the upgrade. Not sure if its to a client connection or to the GMS. Any ideas on what the cause could be and how to resolve the error? Or even determine which system is causing the EA01 response?