hi all
i have a problem. i have an install which we have been using now since t2 beta testing and has a lot of data on it. as its the development server we dont want to use this for production as it has all sorts in it, and as always, a nice clean vanilla install is the way forward for our user base.
the vanilla build is of course where i want to migrate the data from the dev server.
now i thought a complete restore of the database and copy of the /var/opt/novell/teaming folder would be enough to migrate across but it hasnt worked.
i want to be careful what i move across as the data is beta code and dont want any bad files being carryed across.
also, if i try to load the full license on the beta server as to remove the beta license, then the system bombs out. tomcat is working but no page displayed.

any ideas what this might be as i have now tried all sorts of methods but none get me anywhere would be great.
please ask for any logs etc that may be needed and ill upload them when requested.
look forward to hearing from you.


barneyb :-)