I am testing Novell CIFS on the OES2 SP2 public beta with Windows 7 RTM (7600). The issue is that I cannot traverse a directory that does not have Read permission to get to a lower level directory on an NSS volume. For example,in the URL:


I have a trustee assignment for all rights on the "tony" directory and while I can see the "testing" directory from \\fsx\vol1, I cannot go into it without getting a permission error from Windows 7. If I bypass it and go directly to \\fsx\vol1\testing\tony, I do indeed have full access to that directory.

An XP machine can traverse the "testing" directory just fine. Windows 7 will also if I give Read rights on the "testing" directory itself which of course is not what I want as other directories underneath should not inherit the Read.

This seems similar to an issue when Vista first came out accessing a CIFS share on Netware. Bug or am I missing something magic?

Tony Wyland
Messiah College