Hi All,

I'm trying to move forward with migrating services off of Netware and on to OES 2 on Linux (who isn't).

We have a tree that's the result of 9 separate trees merged into one, and as a result the Netware DNSDHCP locator object is in a less than desirable location.

So I'm a bit stumped on migration of DNS and how (or if) it's dependent on a good DNSDHCP locator object. I've read that the OES Linux version of DHCP creates a new locator object - so DHCP sounds like it will allow us to "move" our locator object as we migrate... now what about DNS??

Does it use this new locator object?

Does it need a locator object?

-or- does it create a new one on install?

I've gone over the documentation a number of times, and I'm still scratching my head here...