Server Setup:
Bordermanager 3.6
Netware 5.1

I'm having a problem with some users getting a Security Alert message
using Internet Explorer. I have authentication setup and also the SSL
is listening to 443.

I did not start having problems until I started playing around with
Because my filter exceptions were not set properly, I removed the
filters.cfg file and "installed" the default filters. I am in the
of just opening the ports that I need.

One port that I need open is 443 to allow Outlook Web Access
for our email server. I have setup filter exceptions to allow port
443 to
and from our Exchange server. Could this filter exception be causing
conflict with the SSL 443 port? Normally, our users run CLNTRUST forauthentication to NBM. This has been working fine.

Also, I discovered some users loading CLNTRUST that was much older
than the
version on the Bordermanager server. I have updated the version of
CLNTRUST, but will not know if that solves the problem until tomorrowmorning. Just looking for some more answers incase updating the
doesn't work.