We have issues with our site CA, the server that the CA is stored on, abbended multiple times in the process trashing edirectory onthe server and causing the ca to become corrupt.

We have been trying to create the CA a fresh, without a backup unfortunatley of the cert to file.

When I try to add the certificate via iManager it gets to the point of creating the certificate, but gives a java error (shall paste into a seperate message as the error is massive).

Have tried creating it on a different server, have tried creating it in console 1, the CA creates, but when I try to manage the certificate in iManager I get the same error, when I try to run pkidiag on a server to create a new certificate, I get error code -1211 and it creates the certificates, but they are empty and not valid.

Have tried deleting the CA and then installing it off the cd on a server, again it appeared to install, but I couldn't manage or do anything with the object.

Im pretty sure this whole mess is due to the server crashing, whether it has left something behind corrupt, the issue with this is I can't get rid of the server as it runs important services, that can't get much downtime. When cleaning up the server, we went to uninstall ds only to find when we did this, it though ds was already removed and it reinstalled on the server.

Anyone any ideas?