Been having issues since upgrading from 7x to 8x. Everytime a user is created in GW the edir and gw objects are created but the user is unable to login to their mailbox, howerver, they can log into the tree. In webaccess they see "Mailbox unavailable" and on the client they see "User ID" not found. I have to delete and recreate the user objects in edir and gw serveral times to get them to login.

Top down rebuild does not resolve the problem with these new users accounts. GWCheck reports userxxx does not exist in this post office.

All other events for existing users process ok, ie group memberships, renames etc. I have checked links between the MTA's/POA's and all are ok.

System setup includes 4 domains

2 for webaccess
1 user domain w gwia and poa this domain contains all our users
1 primary domain w IDM driver

Any help would be appreciated.