We're just beginning to migrate an organization's PCs into Active Directory, with the PC's using existing Novell client to intiate hybrid/combined login into both NDS and Active Directory. The PCs have the Novell Client and NDPS installed.

Once have changed a PC from workgroup to Active Directory domain, the Add Printer "Browse for Printer" dialog no longer provides the ability to browse and select NDPS printers, but does provide the ability to browse and select Active Directory printers. My impression is that it is actually a different dialog.

NDPS printers already present on such a PC continue to work. I haven't tested yet to see if pushing printer via RPM still works on such a PC.

QUESTION - In this circumstance, is there still a way to do manual browsing for and adds of NDPS printers? Via a tweak, launching the old version of the dialog, ??????????