Ok guys, I don't know how many of you guys are using the "Add-on image file" to place cached applications on the device while imaging, but here's my experience with this.

First, we have a base image prepared with Universal Imaging Utility (UIU) that does the sysprep and install the drivers for us. No problem what so ever here and it works pretty good so far.

I've been lookin around for a way to install all the base bundle (apps) at the imaging stage with some scripts and I found a zac command that do exactly what I want: zac bin.

zac bin nameofyourapp

This command simply distribute(downloads) the applications in the cache and then the same application is installed with all is actions.

This step takes more then 30 minutes for us with 24 common apps.

What would help in this case is to be able to distribute all those bundles during imaging stage...this is what Add-on image file should be doing...

The procedure is pretty simple, you simply go on the summary page of your bundle and click create beside "Add-on image file". This creates a .zmg file with the name+guid of the apps under content-repo/images/addon-image/.

After the .zmg is created you can deploy it on the machine only if the agent is installed on the machine, or the structure of C:\Program files\novell\zenworks\..\... is present.

I simply created a .zmg file with the zenworks Program Files structure and deploy it before any add-on file (zmg).

This complete succesfully but when the zac bin command run...I still see all the bundles behind downloaded....am I doing something wrong here?

Why does the agent don't install the bundles from the cache?

I need help on this please!!!