We are trying to set up a firewall at the high school similar to
what is set up here at the district office using a 'private' switch
(connected to the building LAN) and a 'public' switch (connected to the router)
and one NIC from each of the two servers. The BM proxy works (on either
server), students/staff can access the Internet but 'direct connect'
nor accessing outside pop3 mail doesn't. After trying several filters exceptions, I not only disabled the default BM filters but went to
each one and deleted them one-by-one, disabled the type of filter then
disabled filtering in INETCFG>PROTOCOLS>IPX (and TCP/IP). Still, the only way
to the Internet is through the proxy (which ain't half bad, but
frustrating since mail can't come and go).

Everything had worked fine until I installed BM 3.7 & SP1 and set
up the default filters. Now the only way I can get it to work is to
connect the PUBLIC NIC on the BM server/web server directly to the router via
crossover cable, and then from the PRIVATE NIC to the building LAN via
switch. I've had to take out the 'public' switch all together and
disable the 'public' NIC on the second server which is the building's main

Since it appears that BM and the filtering may be 'hosed', I
uninstalled BM via Console One on the main server with no luck except now
FILTSRV, IPFLT, and IPXFLT won't load, we get a 'AUTO FAIL' error. When I try
to reinstall BM 3.7 to get the proxy back, I get an install error.

How does one properly uninstall BM 3.7 & SP1 and any filters left
behind, then reinstall from scratch? I'm not sure where I went wrong
since it was set up the same way as this building's configuration.

Sorry to be so long-winded, but...

Tim Ferguson
Centralia, Illinois