I am running an OES Linux Suse server 10 SP1 with iprint installed. I currently have iprint v4.32 installed on my Windows xp clients (running novell client 4.91 sp2 and zenworks v7.0.1). Printing is working fine. However I found the need to use Printer Driver Profiles and I've just set that up. I use this process:

1. I install the printer to my windows xp sp3 workstation via the /ipp page
2. run iManager on the same windows desktop and go to iPrint (Linux)/Printer Driver Profile
3. Choose the OES Linux Print server Manager and choose to create Printer Driver Profile. Then I run through the wizard and make the necessary changes and finally the profile is created successfully.
4. Then (through iManager) I manage the printer and associate the Print Driver Profile. Click "Apply" and "Ok". The settings seems to take because if I go back to modify the printer I see the Printer Driver Profile association.

However, when I install the printer on another windows xp workstation (I tried both sp2 and sp3) I do not get the Print Driver Profile settings applied. The printer installs and works fine though, but no specific settings from the Print Driver Profile.

I restarted the iprint manager on SUSE (rcnovell-ipsmd restart) and restarted the server, but no luck. I tried to update the iprint client to v5.20 on my windows workstation, but that didnt work.

As a test I deleted the printer from the machine that I used to create the Print Driver Profile and go into "Print Folder/Server Properties/Drivers" and remove the driver. Then I reinstall the printer from the /ipp web page and I get the printer and the Print driver profile. But this works only on this machine. The difference with this machine and the others is that it is the machine I used to create the Print Driver Profile.

I read a thread that mentioned to set the "AllowUserprinters" to 3 in the /var/opt/novell/iprint/htdocs/iprint.ini file on the OES linux server, but that didnt work either.

Any help is appreciated