I am running NW OES2SP1 as a XEN guest on a SLES10SP2 host and I cannot create a second domain in GW8. eDir is 8.8sp4.

I have rebuild the primary domain, PO, user mailboxes a number of times. I have tried to create it from WINXP and Vista, but always the same error: : ERROR opening file (0x8206) \\unc-path\wpdomain.db.

I have tried mapped drives and unc. I have copied the .dc files manually. It creates some of the subdirectories but fails.

For fun I tried to upgrade to GW8SP1, but, it too fails with "not a valid primary domain" or something like that.

Aside from that the system works, but, I need to add a new domain!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated and has anyone else seen these issues on virtualized OES2SP1 and GW8?