I am having serious issues with this ZCM 10.2 Agent. I have installed
ZCM10.2 on a win 2003 R2 SP2 server and have completed the migration of
my Zenworks 7.5 data and am now starting to test it out before going live.

But... out of the 4 workstations I have installed the agent on, 3 are
causing me grief. One is hogging the memory (using 1Gb on 1 512Mb
machine), one is hogging the processor and the agent will not login and
the third installation never finishes, The Zenworks PreAgent Progress,
stop at "Novell-zenworks-rm-md-core- 43 of 43 (100%)",
and goes no further. If I reboot the workstation, the agent runs but
the device is not registered and I am unsure if the agent is installed
correctly or not. Oh yes and the fourth? Well that is working..Now..
After reinstalling a bad installation of the agent which is practically
impossible to uninstall, but for a great script I found on here. So
thank you for that one.

Not a good start to ZCM 10.2.

Is anybody able to shed any light on these matters?

Many thanks in adavance