I have racked my head with this problem but have been unable to find a resolution. And just like all my other problems have managed to create an even bigger one.

One dork in my office from the marketing team rings me up to complain that his Mailbox folder has disappeared from his Groupwise Client for Linux. When I checked it was gone. After logging into the web module, the Mailbox folder had mysteriously moved as a Sub-Folder filed under calendar. If anyone knows how this happened I am all ears.

Then i tried to click and drag, change the display settings but realized there is no easy way to move this folder. Finally i relented and decided to take a back up of the caching folder and deleted the account from Console One. After creating a new one with the same details, I am not able to migrate any of those mails into the new account. Can someone please help as to how I can restore this account to its original state?

GW 8+linux