Just moved from v2.0 to v.2.5. A big step forward, nevertheless a few annoyances remain:

1. After starting NSMAdmin, the login-window is not in focus, annoying!
2. The GUI does not scale properly when using a display resolution greater than Windows-standard 96DPI. Set to 120DPI and some of the controls and input fields cannot be used anymore. This was an issue with NSMAdmin v2.0 already, please DO fix such simple and stupid mistakes!
3. Config - Agent Servers - Config Proxy: does not show list of agent servers on tab "Proxy Agent View". When activating the tab "Target Server View" I get millions of exception pop-ups reading: "DataGridView-Exception: System.ArgumentException: The DataGridViewComboBoxCell-Value is invalid. Handle the DataError-Event to replace this standard dialog". Reproducible on three machines... So basically Config Proxy is inaccessible to me. Anyone solved this one before?

Cheers, lothar