Good Morning,

We have been experiencing issues with our Border Manager Transparent proxy configuration. We are having issues with redirect loops occurring only on front end server requests. We get 301 HTTP errors. The problem seems to be when our Web Content filter passes the packet off to our Border Manager server it causes the redirect loops. The only work arounds at this time we have discovered was to either use the search box of any web browser, or go to iGoogle and then back to the classic Google Home. The other work around is to setup our workstations to proxy to our Web Content filter over Port 8080, which totally defeats the Transparent proxy purpose. With our current setup we were having problems with our Proxy crashing until we removed the "Enable Persistent Connection to Browsers option". Our environment is as follows:

Novell 6.5 SP7 with TCP\IP stack hotfix
Border Manager 3.9 SP2?? (I believe)
St. Bernard Iprism 30h unit with software level 6.2 --> Web Filter appliance.

St. Bernard, does not see any problems with our Iprism configuration at this time.

Sorry about being long winded, but this has been a tricky one. Hopefully someone on here has dealt with something like this. If you need any further information please let me know. Thanks.