I would like to list the appointment of the day. I think we should use a filterGroup one filter to select the appointments and other one to filter on the current date.
Can you explain me how to use it ?
I tried something like that :

PHP Code:
$gwFG = new FilterGroup();// Instantiate a FilterGroup
$gwFE1 = new FilterEntry('fieldEqual''startDate'NULL0'Today' ); // Instantiate first FilterEntries    
$gwFE2 = new FilterEntry('eq''@type'NULL 'Appointment'NULL); // Instantiate second FilterEntries    

$gwFG->element $gwFE1;// Add the two FilterEntries to the FilterGroup 
$gwFG->op "and"// Group the two FilterEntries with an and  
$gwFilter = new Filter($gwFG); // Instantiate a Filter

$ir = new getItemsRequest();
$ir->container $id;
$ir->filter $gwFilter;
$ires $gwservice->getItemsRequest($ir); 
Also the function __getLastRequest() doesn't work after using getItemsRequest ()
however I set trace = true
PHP Code:
gwservice = new GroupwiseService ("groupwisexxx.wsdl"
array (
"location" => "http://groupwisexxx/soap"
=> $ classmap,
"trace" => TRUE,
"exceptions" => TRUE)
Thank you