Hello to anyone who can shed light on this,

we have a regular problems with login hang ups across our network of a few hundred XP workstations using Zen 7. The experience for the user is they authenticate, the Novell client disappears but before windows begins to login, all they get is a blank blue screen, it hangs there permantantly. The only fix for this is to log in as the local administrator, reinstall the Zen7 client but it's very annoying because someone's PC can be working fine one minute then all of a sudden the next time they reboot this happens.

We probably get one of these problems a day. Once you've reinstalled the Zen client the problem does not seem to come back but it's annoying that we can not find a cause for it.

We have a support contract with Novell but all that's been suggested is we upgrade all the users and servers to R4, or upgrade to Zen10!! Not really helpful.

I just can't see why we need to upgrade if reinstalling the Zen client is the fix, I would love to know a better way to prevent it happening

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a blue screen of death! It's just a blank blue screen after login - the kind you'd find just before windows says "loading personal settings"