Based upon my experiences with LUM so far, it seems to be a hit/miss situation as to whether it decides to really work or not. (could be due to original SP1 code and then patched later for future installs, but not sure).

But perhaps I'm not understanding things correctly.

I've LUM-enabled a bunch of us "admin" accounts.

We cannot SSH via Putty into the OES2 servers unless it's as root.

But, we can login to NRM as "ourselves".

I put "us" into the admingroup (since we're admins).

Is there anything special that has to be done?

Login at the actual server fails as well (unless as root)

My LUM enabled groups show my "admingroup"

My LUM-enabled services show:

Is ssh and server login not enabled by default? Seems kinda odd, IMO.

This is a new server install (not a migration) and I don't recall any install screen for LUM that prompted me to choose which services were setup/enabled.