GW800hp2 running on OES2SP1 and SLES10SP2. This system has four
domains running on 4 servers:
Primary, with the StaffPO (OES2)
Secondary1 (GWIA and WEBACC for StaffPO on SLES10)
Secondary2 (3-studentPO's on OES2)
Secondary3 (STUGWIA and STUWEBACC for StudentPO's on SLES10)

The student PO's have STUGWIA set as default gwia and I am trying to
assign a global signature to the student doemain OR to the studentPO's
for mail going outside our system. However, I am unable to get this
to work-- either I get a default sig appended to ALL outgoing mail
from all POs, or I get NO global sig applied to any outgoing mail. I
have tried assigning the sig at PO and at domain but still no joy.
Student accounts are all limited access and use only WebAcc for email
use. So, is this a bug in the system, or am I just configuring it
wrong somwhere, or is this not possible when using the webacc??